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Why 99% of Men Fail to Attract Gorgeous Women!

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SECRET of matching the chemistry between YOU AND HER...!

Warning: If You Get Your Dating Advice From Men You're Doomed To Fail.

Before I let you know the SECRET behind a successful RELATIONSHIP & FLIRTING, ask yourself first,

Have you ever tried approaching a woman?

Have you tried talking to her—for the ultimate DREAM GOAL??

What did she reply? No…. Next time…. Not now??




These are the answers 99% of men get when they try to approach women.

But what about the 1%, where are they? What magic do they do?

Are they more handsome?

More Wealthy? More Intelligent? More Attractive?

The answer will be a BIG No to all of these questions!

What? Yes, that’s right!

But what do they (1%) do to get attention from her, and how do they flirt like a GENIUS??




Men are shy; think they’ll feel ashamed if they get Rejected? Slammed!… and Neglected!

But what if I tell you, guys that lie in the 1% category are once amateurs and get failed many times, but what makes them successful?

What makes them flirt with women as nobody else can…

FEW questions that you always ask yourself! And don’t get the answers. Right?


Don’t let yourself down, as we women don’t look for only WEALTH, LOOKS, or STATUS!!

What we look for, ONLY 1% of men know; as I said, JUST remember the figure.

Let me take you back to your past; THINK of all the scenarios you were in…

You see her first; at that time, your heart was pumping like crazy, like you are running in a MARATHON…

As I talk about Marathon, most of you know that an athlete has to run more than 25 miles in a marathon, yet there is only ONE winner out of all the participants.

But have you ever thought about what other athletes do? Why don’t they make it past the finish line first?

They also run the same, but what makes them push behind? Why are some athletes remain in the last position???

The answer is pretty simple; they lack the guidance from SOMEONE that knows the rules of the games more than anybody else, the idea of when to push forward, and ABOVE ALL; THEY LACK WHAT MOST OF THE ATHLETES LACKS, “SELF-BELIEF”!!

Like MARATHON, as a SPECIALIST, I am here to assist you in the most important aspect of the life of all men, i.e., “FLIRTING”.

It’s a Complete Myth That You Have To Be Good Looking To Attract Women

Did you hear from guys that you have to be good looking, have lots of money or wear great clothes to attract women?

Ever wonder why some guys seem to get all the drop-dead gorgeous girls, even when they aren’t the best-looking guys in the room?

I’m about to reveal to you the most common mistake that causes guys to screw up after they approach a girl but most guys (maybe you) have NO CLUE that even they’re making it.

Ziet u...


Scenario #1:

He'll go straight to me, talk his heart out. - And, let me tell you, this is bound to fail and get you to the friend zone…

Scenario #2:

He’ll talk with me for a while, but when he tries to take it to the 'next level' he gets rejected immediately…and comes off as a creep.

Scenario #3:

He ignites INSTANT CHEMISTRY. Then, when he "makes a move", the only thing us women can think? YES, please, go ahead...DO IT NOW!!

The #3 scenario is experienced ONLY by 1% LUCKY MEN!

And they not only do that, but they also do what the other 99% missed in the first two cases.

And what 99% ACTUALLY miss?

It’s NOT looks, status, height, or money… and DEFINITELY not luck.

NO, They miss the TRICK, the SECRET!!! That I am going to unveil soon.

Let’s face it; most of the guys are lost when it comes to this. So if you’re not sure where to begin – it’s not your fault.

Studies have proven guys aren’t wired to understand this the way women do. And even for most women—it happens below their level of conscious awareness, so they can’t explain it to men.

But right now, I have a “secret weapon” for you that clarifies all of it, making flirting DEAD simple.

We WOMEN act in mysterious ways when it comes to flirting; sometimes, we respond immediately, sometimes we respond late; sometimes we take time to understand the guy, BUT one thing is common between all of us; is that…


We ONLY Fall for the RIGHT GUY!!

Toen Kreeg Ik Het Grote Idee...

We all get to the point in life, somewhere EARLIER or LATER, where we decide to take some serious actions.

Where we want to hold the bull with its horns. Yes, that’s right!

Before going further; I want to introduce myself to all of you;

I am NATALIE, the founder of “Natalie’s Flirt Academy.” I’ll briefly describe why I thought of making such a course that can help millions around the globe.

Since childhood, I have been very active, busy making friends and talking with my friends and family. I had a friend; named Josh; he was my friend since we were in kindergarten. We grew together, played together, and made our bond stronger with time.

But as soon as we grew older, I realized that Josh was different from most boys.
He was shy and didn’t talk much with others, especially girls. I wanted to help him but didn’t know how to tackle it then, as I wasn’t mature enough to handle the situation.

As soon as I became older, What I NOTICED shocked me to the core: more than 90% of the boys were the same as Josh. They were SHY, had a LACK OF CONFIDENCE, and more than everything else; they had a LACK OF SELF BELIEF.

I immediately thought at that point that I’d help Josh and all the other boys that are going through the same situation.

This very point is the leading cause of launching this program to help all the men who struggle with relationship building with girls and, most importantly, how to flirt in the RIGHT WAY!


When men say they want to make a step forward and feel its the high time to talk with that SPECIAL GIRL, in reality, they do make a mistake;

They don’t realize that they are doing it all wrong; I mean, putting things in the proper order, not before, not late, is an art; most men aren’t a master of! They sometimes:


  • Spend a lot of time
  • Spend a lot of money


But the point is, where do they get it wrong??


Why don’t they get the desired results?

The BASIC POINT is that every man has to get things going for him with a woman. Be it the start of a friendship or the first step to a blossoming relationship, in different scenarios from parties to your empty high school corridors, and the different types of women, be it shy or the obnoxious kind.

That’s where I, as a specialist and instructor, come in and let you know the SECRETS that can make your life a lot easier, and as soon as you know the Magic behind FLIRTING

Your Life suddenly changes, and you feel like you have achieved something out of this world,

….Suddenly, you get all the energy you need to GET THINGS GOING



LET ME TELL YOU; If your answer is YES to any of those questions:


Then CONGRATULATIONS; you are in good hands, and you’re going to become that 1%, We discussed earlier…

I guarantee, you’ll see a VISIBLE improvement in your first IMPRESSIONS and SELF-CONFIDENCE GAME.


That is my main TASK & OBJECTIVE to teach you the tricks and rules of the game, called “FLIRTING.”

WELCOME TO “Natalie’s Flirt Academy”

FACT CHECK: Do you know that not doing “FLIRTING” in the right way can cost you thousands of dollars! 😲

Woahhh, that’s too much…

Let me do the math for you in a DIFFERENT WAY;

Taking a women out to dinner can cost you 50 €, 70 €, even 100 € or more. And even after all that, she may not be one bit attracted to you.

When you go to bars or clubs to meet women, the entrance fees can exceed 60 € or 70 €.
With drinks, that can skyrocket past 150 € or 200 €. And most guys spend all that and still go home lonely and unhappy.

Not only that…some guys buy women gifts, jewelry, cars, and even pay for their college tuition… and women STILL don’t feel attracted to them one bit!

So think of all the money you’ve already spent to meet women to no avail…

How much would it be worth to you if I could show you right now what’ll REALLY make your girl problems vanish forever?

…If I could tell you everything you need to know to spark visceral attraction in any woman… that automatically ignites whenever she’s around you?

…If I could clarify everything that makes women eager and excited to go to the “next level” with you, just by being YOU?

De waarheid is... de meeste kerels zouden makkelijk duizenden betalen voor dat soort kennis.

If I could wave a magic wand and give you all that, I bet you could find 1000 € for it, too. But—I’d never ask you to pay that.

I’ll let YOU know further what this course is all about and how it’ll going to change your life from 0 TO 360°!!


Flirting in the right way and asking out your crush might seem like the scariest thing to do in the world.

YES, I’m talking scarier than skydiving, haunted houses, or coming across a giant anaconda. That’s because the chance of rejection is just too real when you’re face to face with HER, looking into her eyes.

Still scared? No need to be!! To better prepare and calm your nerves, I have made this course that includes all my EXPERIENCES and FINDINGS. I have talked to different dating experts and then.

Put it all together; so that you can;

“Increase your confidence, charisma, and authenticity — at work and in life. Develop world-class FLIRTING skills and never face REJECTION again!!




1: Tips and tricks for overcoming one of every guy’s biggest fears in approaching a women.

2: I’ll work on your self-confidence building, the whole “GAME PLAN” for you.

3: Essential GENTLEMAN RULES that include; as how to behave, what things to talk about, and so forth, and I am sure after completing this course; you’ll have a more realistic approach to reading situations & minds of different women.

You realize your worth and overcome this rooted & unknown fear of rejection that disables you to see that there’s absolutely nothing to be fearful of or nervous about when dealing & flirting with a women for the first time.

Dit Is Wat Anderen Hebben Gezegd

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Hanson, 39
Hanson, 39
Geverifieerde Koper
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Exactly what I wanted. Straight to the point. I struggled all my life to understand the straightforward points explained in this course, which were precisely the same as I was facing.
C.J, 33
C.J, 33
Geverifieerde Koper
Lees verder
This course has been straightforward, helpful, and has helped me increase my confidence. I hope I will be able to get more successful in dating relationships after completing this course.
Tiebout, 35
Tiebout, 35
Geverifieerde Koper
Lees verder
I discovered 'Natalie's Flirt Academy' program through social media. I gave it a 50% chance of being completely useless because that is how many online self-help products I have purchased over the years. Anyway, I paid the 39 € for 'Natalie's Flirt Academy' program because the price was low enough that I was willing to take the risk.

De resultaten zijn absoluut ongelooflijk. De stappen die in het boek worden beschreven zijn zeer intuïtief en gemakkelijk te onthouden. Ik vond vooral het idee om het proces in drie fasen te verdelen erg goed. Ik voel me veel zelfverzekerder in de omgang met mijn vrouw omdat ik weet dat als ik een fout maak, ik gewoon terug kan gaan naar Fase 1 en me zo weer naar boven kan werken. Ik heb het gevoel dat ik eindelijk de kracht heb om haar de verbinding te geven (😉) waar ze al zo lang naar verlangt. Ik kijk echt uit naar onze toekomst samen.

De ervaring van het lezen van het materiaal was soms pijnlijk. Het vooruitzicht om te betalen voor het voorrecht om een groep vrouwen mij de les te laten lezen over hoe ik mijn seksleven verpest, klinkt niet bepaald aantrekkelijk voor mij (of, denk ik, voor iedere man die worstelt in zijn relatie met vrouwen). Toch heb ik het volgehouden en ik ben er erg dankbaar voor dat ik dat gedaan heb.

Ik zou over dit product willen blijven doorratelen, maar mijn vrouw onderbreekt me en eist dat ik met haar een eindje ga wandelen. Ze zegt, "Ik heb mijn vriend gezegd niet met ons mee te gaan, omdat ik wil dat we wat speciale tijd samen doorbrengen." Wat in godsnaam?! Ze heeft nog nooit zo tegen me gesproken in de afgelopen zes jaar.

Heel erg bedankt voor het maken van dit product en het veranderen van mijn huwelijk! ...En je deed het in minder dan 48 uur!"

Wigburg, 31
Wigburg, 31
Geverifieerde Koper
Lees verder

"My name is Roger and I'm currently working on my masters degree. I'm 31 years old and I decided to buy this program to learn how to flirt. I had seen your videos on social media, but was hesitant on buying the program thinking it would cost too much. When I saw it was affordable, I had to take advantage.

Ik heb dit product nu bijna een week en ik heb ontdekt dat flirten niet altijd seksueel hoeft te zijn. Ik heb de laatste tijd geprobeerd om mijn aanpak met sommige vrouwen te veranderen en het voelde altijd ongemakkelijk om dat seksuele element aan het gesprek toe te voegen.

I love the break down of how flirting actually works! I love the additional insight added. I've noticed throughout the years that there are certain topics or times where I don't really speak my mind about and I feel this program can change that. I know it can also help me improve my interactions with my guy friends and people in general.

Ik beveel dit programma aan iedereen aan die zijn flirten en interactie met mensen wil verbeteren. De wetenschap achter het flirten en de stap voor stap lessen zijn hapklare brokjes kennis die je niet zullen overweldigen naarmate je verder komt in het programma.

Dank u voor het maken van dit programma."

Abraham, 43
Abraham, 43
Geverifieerde Koper
Lees verder
"I’m new to dating at 43. I’m attractive and confident and able to attract women much younger then me, but was missing a little something on how to close the deal with women. I bought Natalie's Flirt Academy and it was just the little boost of info I needed. I made a date with a girl determined to use the approach laid out and the date went well as usual but, she went home with me that same night. The major change being instead laying back I made my intentions clear with her. thanks to the tips I learned in Natalie's Flirt Academy. I’m sold on the product. Thank you."
Christoffel, 36
Christoffel, 36
Geverifieerde Koper
Lees verder
"Ik dacht altijd dat flirten iets seksueels tegen vrouwen zeggen was. En ik kon het gewoon niet opbrengen om dat tegen vrouwen te doen. Ik had het gevoel dat ik ze aanviel of zoiets. Met de voorbeelden in het programma van wat te zeggen en de instructies over hoe en wanneer te escaleren, kan ik nu aantrekkingskracht opwekken bij vrouwen zonder dat ik ooit iets seksueels hoef te zeggen. Het is verbazingwekkend hoe vrouwen hierop reageren en het is zo veel makkelijker dan wat ik voorheen deed."
Ali, 27
Ali, 27
Geverifieerde Koper
Lees verder
"Ik had er geen idee van dat wat ik als flirten beschouwde, eigenlijk helemaal niet flirten was. Nu als ik flirt reageren vrouwen op mij en flirten terug. Het is behoorlijk verbazingwekkend."

Finally, You Get Reasons To Celebrate it NOW!

And to be honest, this is the only course that teaches you the insides of flirting at such an initial level.

I’ll guide you through every stage of flirting and let you know the RULES OF THE GAME in simple steps that are BASED on my findings and sheer research on different people’s experiences and outcomes.

With each step-by-step guide and learning phase in this course, you’ll GET lectures, tutorials, and content that’s worth thousands of dollars and even MORE because that’s life-changing after all 🙂

This course addresses that very first step to give you a direction and get you set for the path you’d wish to go down. And even if you get different panic attacks when facing & flirting with the right women, YOU’LL master the right technique and find it much easier approaching her and anybody after completing the course.

Apart from techniques, skills, and art of flirting; what you’ll get is:


  • a sense of satisfaction like never before.
  • a sense of completeness confidence.
  • know the art of tackling different situations in life.


You can’t imagine how excited I was when I announced the launching of this magical program and what overwhelming response I got from everybody;

After all, it is a life-saving program for most out there.

Finally, I tried my best and pushed myself in every aspect to bring all that it takes from the female point of view. How females think about flirting and how they respond to men positively is what you’ll get to learn in this course; I must say; it is a LIFE CHANGING program for every single man who is reading this 🙂

You don’t need many reasons to be on the right side; You only need one reason for being YOU; to know more about LIFE, FLIRTING, and DATING; it is only a YES away from you!! YES!


You are only a CLICK away from getting the art of “FLIRTING”; BE in the TOP 1% NOW!


Natalie's Flirt Academy



199 €

Slechts 39 €

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