Automate your work.
With a single click.

With Masters Bots, you’ll never need to spend a second on boring work ever again. Simply let trained bots do the work.

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What if bots could do all your manual work for you?

❌ The Old Way 

Regular ChatGPT 
only writes outputs.

In reality, ChatGPT only provides you with outputs
It doesn’t work on its own, and it can’t connect to other platforms.

💡 The New Way 

Autopilot ChatGPT
completes  tasks.

Autopilot ChatGPT can work in the background and connect to other platforms
to complete tasks on its own. 

The 1 Million Dollar Problem
When Using ChatGPT...

Regular ChatGPT

Cannot auto-complete tasks.

Replying to comments

15 minutes to copy & paste

Sending cold emails

10 minutes to copy & paste

Posting on Linkedin

15 minutes to copy & paste

Total time spent: 40 min

Outcome: still manual work

Autopilot ChatGPT

Can auto-complete tasks.

Auto-replying to comments with ChatGPT bot

Takes 30 seconds

Sending cold emails with ChatGPT bot

Takes 45 seconds

Posting on Linkedin with ChatGPT bot

Takes 15 seconds

Sending newsletters  with ChatGPT bot

Takes 30 seconds

Total time spent: 2 minutes

Outcome: fully automated

How Masters Bots Are Different From Regular ChatGPT

Responding to Comments

With Manual ChatGPT you have to manually import and find comments, use ChatGPT and then respond by using the response…

Facebook Auto-Comment Bot finds new comments and responds to them automatically based on your brand, without your involvement.

Writing SEO Articles

With Manual ChatGPT you have to know topics and then take the text to manually publish to your own website…

SEO Blog Writer Bot automatically finds topic ideas for your brand, writes articles and posts automatically to your website.

Sending Cold Emails

With Manual ChatGPT you have to manually take outputs from ChatGPT and send each email manually for personalization…

Cold Outreach Email Bot automatically scrapes emails from Linkedin, then sends personalized cold emails written by ChatGPT.

Includes 30+ bots  to save you more time.

With over 30 bots for every single task, the Masters Bots Bundle is our most advanced toolkit yet.

Growth on autopilot.

From responding to comments automatically to generating viral Linkedin posts –– without wasting your time.

  • Facebook Commenter Bot Social Media
  • ️Instagram Commenter Bot Social Media
  • LinkedIn Viral Poster Bot Social Media
  •  LinkedIn News Poster Bot Social Media
  • ️Quote of The Day Bot Social Media
  • ️Generated Art Bot Social Media
  • Reddit Viral Bot Social Media

Helps you regain focus.

Gets you out of your email inbox into a creative and strategic mood. With bots to accompany you.

  • ️Internal Team Assistant Bot Assistant
  • Email Autoresponder Bot Assistant
  • Voice Image Prompt Bot Assistant
  • Research & Study Bot Assistant
  • ChatGPT in Slack Bot Assistant
  • CV Analyzer Bot Assistant

Sells while you sleep.

Automates the most boring parts of sales – prospecting, outreach and follow-ups. So you can do more.

  • Google Maps Cold Email Bot Sales
  • Cold Outreach Email Bot Sales
  • Sales Letter Writer Bot Sales
  • Direct Mail Outreach Bot Sales
  • ️Customer Persona Bot Sales

Automates responses.

Helps your customers nearly instantly by plugging directly into your most popular support channels.

  • ️Support Messenger Bot Support
  • ️Support Email Bot Support
  • Support Report Bot Support

Sends great emails.

Writes & sends newsletters for your topic by using the best examples of emails and articles on the internet.

  • Email Newsletter Bot Email Marketing

Gets you listed faster.

Automates keyword research, topic searches and manual website work. Gets you on top search faster.

  • SEO Blog Writer Bot SEO
  • SEO Keywords Bot SEO
  • SEO Site Analysis Bot SEO
  • Site Seed Bot SEO

Widens your impact.

Automatically shares YouTube videos on your channel, triggering AI-generated summaries and expansions posted as threaded updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

  • YouTube Distribution Bot YouTube

Launches more products.

Rewrites supplier product pages for your brand and publishes products automatically to your store.

  • eCom Product Lister Bot eCommerce

* By purchasing Masters Bots, you also get lifetime updates and new bots added every month.

As a result, with Masters Bots you can save 8x more time on tasks.

Regular ChatGPT

Masters Bots

faster task completion from start to finish

As reported by Masters Beta testers

Robot Superpowers, 
From One Click.

Works on autopilot. 

Setup, adjust and run. Customize as you go and simply let it cook.

ChatGPT fully unleashed

Unlock more time by cutting manual work and focus on what matters.

Connects to your apps

Including all the major social media apps and project management tools.

Runs in the background

While you sleep, while you're in the shower, while you eat. It just runs.

Set, connect and go.
Automate in seconds.

So easy to setup, a toddler could do it.
With guided setup for added customizability. Connects your favourite tools in one single hub, so you can do more with what you have.

  • Upload bot file to the platform Completed
  • Connect to Facebook account Completed
  • Customize commenting schedule Completed
  • Launch the bot Mark as completed ✓

Works like magic. 
Made for non-techies.

Masters Bots work on pre-made script templates that run in the background. All you need to do is to import your bot file, connect your tools and adjust. Masters Bots auto-prompt and complete the rest.

Masters Bots are powered by Make

At any given moment, Masters Bots can handle more than 2,000 tasks per hour. That includes writing blog posts, creating Twitter Threads, sending cold emails, replying to comments.

Runs laps. Even when you're asleep.

Day and night. Runs in the background so you free your mind mind.

Masters Bots are powered by Make, a free platform that connects with all of your favourite into one single place.

This is how work should look like.

Compare Masters Bots versus using Regular ChatGPT and using ChatGPT with prompts. Comparison was done by taking task start time to completion time.


By joining Masters Bots, you get access to a full tutorial on proper bot safety so your workflows can run accurately for better results.


Every purchase you make from Masters is covered by a 14-day money-back warranty. Our support team is always there to assist you.


Upon purchase, you receive access to Masters Hub and Bots, where you get tutorials for each bot setup along with downloadable bot JSON files.


In case you have any troubles with our platform or using Matsres Bots, simply use our support chatbox inside Masters Hub to get help as soon as possible.
I've been using Masters Bots for a week now, and I'm blown away! The SEO Blog Bot has totally transformed my website's content strategy. The bot writes high-quality articles that drive organic traffic like never before. Highly recommended!
Ella Johnson
Digital Marketing Specialist

Get Lifetime Access.
Automate In Minutes. 

Download bot file, import and setup. 

Masters Bot Bundle (30+ Bots)

499€ 99€


  • Facebook Auto-Comment Bot Social Media
  • Instagram Auto-Comment Bot Social Media
  • Linkedin Viral Poster Bot Social Media
  • Linkedin News Poster Bot Social Media
  • Quote of The Day Bot Social Media
  • Generated Art Bot Social Media
  • Reddit Viral Bot Social Media
  • ️Internal Team Assistant Bot Assistant
  • Email Autoresponder Bot Assistant
  • ️Voice Image Prompt Bot Assistant
  • ️Research & Study Bot Assistant
  • ChatGPT in Slack Bot Assistant
  • CV Analyzer Bot Assistant
  • Support Messenger Bot Customer Support
  • Support Email Bot Customer Support
  • Support Report Bot Customer Support
  • Google Maps Cold Email Bot Sales
  • Cold Outreach Email Bot Sales
  • ️Sales Letter Writer Bot Sales
  • Customer Persona Bot Sales
  • YouTube Distribution Bot YouTube
  • ️Email Newsletter Bot Email Marketing
  • eCom Product Lister Bot eCommerce
  • SEO Blog Writer Bot SEO
  • ️Related Questions SEO Bot SEO
  • ️SEO Site Analysis Bot SEO
  • SEO Keywords Bot SEO
  • ️Site Seed Bot SEO

Free Lifetime Updates – New Bots Added Every Week
Included – Over 30 Bots To Automate Your Work
Pay Once – Use Forever – Lifetime Unlimited Access

How it works

After purchase, you get access to downloadable bot files and exact step-by-step video & to-do setup guides to get Masters Bots running as smoothly as possible.


Regular ChatGPT needs your input and then you need to manually copy & paste outputs somewhere. With Masters Bots, this process is automated and ChatGPT can run on autopilot without your involvement, but only oversight. This is much more efficient than Regular ChatGPT.

Anything from replying to comments, to posting on social media. Every bot is made for a different task and purpose, and we’re constantly expand the variety and combination of bots for different purposes.

Once you purchase the product, simply click the Download button and at the end of the form you’ll be able to access the Masters Hub. All of your bot downloads along with setup guides will be available there. You’ll need the setup guides in order to set up everything accordingly. 

Every bot purchase comes with a step-by-step setup guide so you get your bots running quickly and efficiently. If at any point in the process you encounter any issues, our team will be there to troubleshoot you ASAP. 

By buying Masters Bots you’re buying a ready-made downloadable bot JSON file which you can import into Make – along with a ready-made setup guide so you can plug & play and go. There’s a one-time fee for buying the bot file, and Make is free for up to 1,000 operations per month. Once you go above that, you only pay per the operations you use to Make.

No worries! Feel free to chat us up at if you have any further questions – we’re happy to help you out.